miss lilly apparel is a boho inspired collection designed for the everyday woman. With gorgeous, soft floating fabrics, the range includes versatile essentials for every season.

Created on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, miss lilly apparel reflects a relaxed beach and resort lifestyle. Our core focus is empowering woman to feel good, inside and out.

Meet miss lilly

What can I say?

As a mum of two I draw inspiration from my two little rugrats everyday. Originally starting my business designing fabrics and products for children,  the range soon grew as my kids did.  In 2015 I dipped my toe into the world of fashion. As a lover of clothes, shoes, shopping, accessories and all things girly the apparel range just felt like the perfect fit. It wasn’t long before apparel became my whole focus of the business.

Designing a new range often means a chance to sit down to draw and colour with the kids, but also a good chance to peruse the latest fashion magazines for inspiration.

My ultimate goal is to produce clothing and accessories that make women feel fabulous. When women are feeling fabulous in their own skin they also start to feel empowered. As long as women are feeling good and feel the need to ‘strut their stuff’ when wearing the range then I am a happy lady!