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Collaboration at it’s best

By 04/06/2019No Comments

The inspiration for Luminary came over a few wines, as most good ideas do. Tash and I have loved working together on my fashion shoots and decided we wanted to do more together. The idea came to produce a digital magazine.

At first it was just going to be something fun and pretty and then after some brain storming we decided we actually wanted to inspire people and share our style and fashion ideas.


With Tash being a photographer and me being a fashion designer and stylist we work with the most amazing women. We felt Luminary was a great place to showcase their businesses and share their inspirational stories.

Collaboration is such a great way to share audiences in such a noisy and overcrowded space. We have found the women we have worked with have loved telling their stories



Shared interests

Both having a love of boho fashion we felt it was a great way to share our ideas and interesting finds. Coming across new and unique businesses has been a delight.

We feel blessed and truly grateful to be supported by an amazing group of friends and associates. We hop you enjoy flicking through the pages of our first issue.




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