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A business created from a passion for Boho fashion

By 23/05/2019No Comments

Lilly started her business almost 9 years ago originally with a focus on kids interiors. As her own children grew and were no longer babies she steered her business towards fashion.

“It took me a while to realise I could turn my passion into a thriving business. A year ago I got the courage to leave my part time job and am now solely focusing on building Miss Lilly into a successful brand. My goal has always been to design clothing that makes women feel good. I believe that every woman deserves to look fabulous and exude confidence. Its that little pout she gives herself in the mirror when she’s checking herself out and the strut she has when she tries on clothing that makes her feel fabulous. My aim is to make every woman feel like that!”

I’ve always loved Boho clothing but I think what’s really inspired my clothing range is my love of flowers. Before I started my business my background was in the floral industry. It was a luxury to be surrounded by beautiful flowers all day and a joy to watch the new foliage each season brought. This is reflected in my love of soft floral fabrics and the bohemian cuts of clothing I design. Floral designs have really become a key feature of the brand Miss Lilly Apparel.


My kid’s interiors business was plodding along but never really took off. Many of the items I designed were soon being sold at department stores for a cheaper price so I introduced a new item into the range coining it the “Kimocape”. I originally designed it as a breastfeeding cover, it is a fashionable piece that has buttons on the shoulders to help ladies cover up when breastfeeding.

I quickly realised I was sitting on a winning item when women of all shapes and sizes started buying them and showing me all the different ways they wore them.

The Kimocape is the signature piece in my range, each season I update the prints and colours to keep it current and occasionally make a change to cut.

Overtime I have added to the range to include boho dresses, empire tops and other styles inspired by my love of boho.


When a women tells me she hates shopping I just want to grab her and take her shopping and show her how fantastic she can feel. Until I can put that feeling into a bottle I will continue to draw my sketches and design clothes that I think suit the everyday woman! I love incorporating the soft and romantic feel of boho style clothing to help me do this.

I love to hear from my tribe of lovely ladies who love boho fashion and wear Miss Lilly. Tell me what you want to see and what you love. It’s always lovely to hear from you.




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